This blog has been set up to chronicle the weird, funny and sometimes terrible things that job seekers in tech often hear from recruiters or potential employers.

People in tech move around a lot. It’s accepted within the industry that if you want to progress and push yourself you often need to change jobs to do so. The process of getting a new job in tech is often long and drawn out, especially when applying for roles with tech giants, such as Google or Facebook. Even if you don’t move roles it’s generally a good idea to play the field every now and then, see what’s out there and what they can offer you.

This makes people in tech a firm favorite of recruiters, who see them as potential repeat customers. It also means that there’s a constant flow of job specs being optimistically emailed, and that techies do a lot of interviews and code testing. Needless to say there are some absolutely¬†fantastic recruiters out there as well as some recruiters who are just having a bit of an off day, however this blog celebrates the funny or weird things they say.

This blog is not fictional. Some of the entries are very tech specific and some could be any old industry. If you are a recruiter or interviewer and recognize yourself in one of the posts and want it removed, fill in the contact form and we’ll have a discussion about it. If you are a tech job seeker and have a tale to relate, let us know via the submission page.